Fear and Loathing in Matagorda, 2004

Video: Volleyball 1
Video: Volleyball 2
Video: Dancing Cambrey

  welcome to Matagorda! Matagorda dance sensation fire: burn, baby, burn what's this i see, civilization? behold, the third coast  

  behold, marsh a pond, by the ocean Jason's shorts have la-sers in them at this point, bryan should not be supprised when we take pictures of him<br> our beach house, our beach Cambrey  

  the look of serious, determined partygoers the beach camp, complete with xmas tree Ron's kilt gives him magical floating powers volleyball in the grey matagorda saturday what's this i see, a redneck?<br>these guys had never heard of shotgunning beer<br>  

  what the hell is sobe chocolate? the popular top-o-the-camper lookout Cambrey and Anthony, with a supervisory Bloomie left, the redneck who fell out of the back of the pickup our own tent city  

  ma ma ma ma monkey is that a monkey in your shorts or are you just glad to see me?<br> Ron, prepared for the red barron damn you, Moose and Squirrel! i'm not sure the superfreak shirt is contributing any additional information here<br>  

  can you think of a better place for a smoke? at Matagorda, you're encouraged to bring loved ones excuse me, did i just see a blowup sex doll? hazy people, hazy days boogie down, cambra-la  

  the sundancer brings out the sun and its not even nighttime yet what the fuck is sobe chocolate? time to let mother ocean cleanse the soul the scientists say it'll all wash away<br>but we don't believe anymore<br>  

  note: paddle boat warranty void outside 12mi costal territory zone<br> beach. texas. rock. on. who's leading who here? jason, relaxing on the COUCH OF SAND doggies are welcome  

  a lively in contrast note: objects resembling beer cans may be larger than they appear<br> beware the big cooler of naked the monkey man hails passers by the undercover cop never liked the monkey man<br>even back in childhood he wanted to see him in the can<br>  

  our camp, full view from the dune camp closer, would you like some sobe chocolate? camp, volleyball, ocean, monkey Tweeter and the Monkey Man were hard up for cash<br>They stayed up all night selling cocaine and hash<br> farewell great ocean, we commit this tree to thee  

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