Other Babas in My Universe

Yes, I am the Baba, and yet, through the magic of global telecommunications, I now find that there are other Babas out there. Fear not, for I would not deny Baba-ness to any existing being in my great and vast Universe. Here is a short survey of some of the other Babas and Baba-related things that have found their way onto the Internets.

The all-knowing Wikipedia has its own list of the meanings of Baba

While the Baba is certianly a religion in its own right, the calling has also manifested in  Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age and Shri Sai Baba.

If you're traveling, you might want to stop by Laghar Baba or Sahi Baba in Afganistan.

Of course we all remember Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Sesame.

Then we've got Rhum Baba Cakes, and of course Baba Ganoush.

There's a nice-looking line of sailboats called Babas.

I'll let the British Artist Blacksmiths Association use the acronym BABA because, well, blacksmiths are cool.

I hear there's a BABA coffee shop in Amsterdam. 

Linguistically there is some good Baba to go around:

  • baba generally means "father" in many languages, including Hindi, Albanian, Udru and Syriac
  • baba in French, from Polish can mean literally, old woman
  • in Spanish baba means drivel, drool, mucus, slobber or spittle
  • In Hindi baba -
    Father; grandfather; old man, sir, sire (respectfully);
    also a sanyasi, a faqir;
    the head of the order of monks called Calendars or Qalandar;
    a form of address used by beggars in addressing the master of a house, and vice versa;
    (amongst native servants of European masters), child, children: -- baba-jan, Father dear! dear child!: baba-log, s.m. Children.

It seems that "baba" also is a many-storied slang term, including:


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Submitted by Thomas Larmena (not verified) on September 28, 2006 - 9:31pm.
There's also a chain of fast food restaurants in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs called Baba's Steak and Lemonade. Its pretty good and I think they're named after the owner, who might be Palestinian or something.
Submitted by Hippie (not verified) on October 11, 2005 - 11:11pm.

Baba: The son (Sun) of Martin Buehler & Devron Moziek - derived during a transcendental moment during childbirth by Ms. Moziek - later altered to Baba Z. to avoid confusing with other Baba's and to obtain credit!
by ExHippie (father to one of the above listed Baba's!)