Things burned into my brain at Flipside 2006

Submitted by TheBaba on May 29, 2006 - 10:08pm.
Flipside was brought to the Baba by camp Beer and (Arcadia) Darts, home of the Happy Barrel Monkey Lucky, the glowing throwies (sorry Andy, forgot the real name) and the glowing throwie tree, the iScream truck, the Rain Room and the Hippie Hunting Blind. — thanks for the great times guys and gals!

Important things I learnt

  • Yes, it is actually possible to get desensitized to seeing hot naked women (and naked people in general). The only other piece of art in the world that has given me this kind of effect is Verhoeven's Showgirls, which can make even the horniest man sick of seeing boobies. While Showgirls is entertaining in its own way, I prefer the burner method.
  • If you're not glowing or blinking, you don't exist.
  • Drink lots of water. No, seriously, drink lots of water.
  • People... people are fascinating.
  • Zombie weddings are cool.

Quick Highlights

  • Captain Banana Bread
  • getting spanked by a hot naked woman on the way in at the greeter station
  • camping in the Texas Hill Country
  • topless girls riding a vintage fire truck
  • the huge jukebox playing Roky Erickson's Burn the Flames during the burn
  • human "horses" in bondage gear pulling the bride's carriage for the zombie wedding
  • fire
  • good times with good friends

Moral of the Story

  • I truly hope when distant future generations look back on us in this severely fucked up time of ours, that they consider things like Flipside and realize that we could sometimes be interesting and creative and get along with each other, and that there were some of us who didn't spend all their time trying to steal money from someone else.
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