chained and held by the beast

chained and held by the beast
my ego he has for a feast
the moments that swirl by
seem as far off as the sky
every circumstance that set
itself upon my door
has turned to some major chore
the feel of things come and gone
the stroke that sets up hope
that "now" is different
the desire, want and need
ah, my life is but feed
to some lost entity
whose rampant desire
sets my hopes on fire
and fills me with "the" doubt
by his overbearing clout
the doubt that i'll ever see
my life as i want to be
— February 14, 1991
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i sit trapped in a lair

i sit trapped in a lair
my mind full of despair
smelling the reek of foul air
my life has no flair
i sit like an aging chair

the tunnel i see is dark
i search for any spark
on my mind to leave a mark
a voice so far says "Hark"
but my heart is covered in bark

my mind so deep in thought
of some love not caught
like cheap feelings bought
a lack of empathy wrought
not the caring i sought

— February 18, 1991
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i called my friend cheryl today

i called my friend cheryl today
and then we

     talked on the phone

and then she said she
smoked some grass last nite
and she had no cocktails

so then she

     purchased a passage

and she walked with some friends
i met her there
and she said andrew
   yes dear
you're not wearing a hat
and she 

    stood after all were seated

then she watched the screen
and i said cheryl
   yes dear
the movie hasn't ..................    
— May 1991
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as one more year goes by

the whole world goes round
not even making a sound
you wonder if life is another lie
as one more year goes by

you look at the sky, so gray
making you yearn for light of day
sometimes you might want to die
as one more year goes by

but it is your inner light
which will shine so bright
your soul's redemption to buy
as one more year goes by

the friends you've known through the years
who will always see your tears
and those who come when you cry
as one more year goes by

so when you feel your life
has given you unfair strife
remember others feel you sigh
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standing in the void of life

standing in the void of life
foraging a path through the fog
of lost substance and trust
turning towards a hideous moan
the demon who controls
false love and dedication

to run
a place to hide
and then
a wall
the selfmade prison
of a tormented soul
— April 13, 1992
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atop the pyramid he stands
dirty khaki meets worn leather
cradling tired feet
a face neglected, etched
by blowing sand

unkept nails scrape stone
carved by long dead men
hands work furiously
as body fights wind
the force of mind
molds an aerodynamic form

the model complete
time to depart
a strong arm
in one motion

 a plane flown
   the picture
     a lost love
       now gliding


with dry wind


April 17, 2002; July 8 2004
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Flipside twenty-ten: Post-Apocalyptic Prom

Submitted by TheBaba on July 7, 2010 - 3:20pm.

By all accounts across the internets the Post-Apocalyptic Prom was a resounding success. The effigy and burn were the best I've ever seen. The new location was also overflowing with most-awesomeness - trees and shade everywhere, great water and generally burner-friendly all around.

BAD continues to shine with our people, our bar and our snowball fight.

Willie and I built huts this year and brought a ginny to power some AC. Initial construction was a bit rough, but having a sanctuary from the heat was a big hit. There are a few pictures of the huts if you are curious.

There are most excellent pictures at and from Jose Ole on Flickr.

Now, at this point, you're probably asking Where the hell are your notes from Flipsides 2008 and 2009?

Well, they're in my head but my analog-to-digital converter's been busted for a while and they never made it out. Flipside 2009 was good, as far as I can remember. Last one out at Flat Creek Crossing, and the first for my brother, Willie. It was where he learned that everything was a front. We didn't get to burn, but had fun anyway. Our cousin Marcus and our friends Daniel and Leah had their first Flipsides as well. Sean stomped through half the place and Willie damn near got mauled by a massive hamster wheel. The snowball fight was awesome, as usual. Whip it, whip it good.

Flipside 2008? Don't remember much - I must've had a good time.

I am
the Baba

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It's almost Flipside 2008, wtf about Flipside 2007?

Submitted by TheBaba on April 10, 2008 - 12:30am.

Since my mad musings about Flipside 2006 have been headlining here for, like, ever, I thought it best to share a thought on Flipside 2007 before Dr. Tiki's Combustible Medicine Show actually happens.

SO! What about Flipside 2007?

Flipside 2007 was wet. Really fucking wet. Seriously, it rained a lot.

Also, we manufactured a snowball fight.


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Things burned into my brain at Flipside 2006

Submitted by TheBaba on May 29, 2006 - 10:08pm.
Flipside was brought to the Baba by camp Beer and (Arcadia) Darts, home of the Happy Barrel Monkey Lucky, the glowing throwies (sorry Andy, forgot the real name) and the glowing throwie tree, the iScream truck, the Rain Room and the Hippie Hunting Blind. — thanks for the great times guys and gals!

Important things I learnt

  • Yes, it is actually possible to get desensitized to seeing hot naked women (and naked people in general). The only other piece of art in the world that has given me this kind of effect is Verhoeven's Showgirls, which can make even the horniest man sick of seeing boobies. While Showgirls is entertaining in its own way, I prefer the burner method.
  • If you're not glowing or blinking, you don't exist.
  • Drink lots of water. No, seriously, drink lots of water.
  • People... people are fascinating.
  • Zombie weddings are cool.

Quick Highlights

  • Captain Banana Bread
  • getting spanked by a hot naked woman on the way in at the greeter station
  • camping in the Texas Hill Country
  • topless girls riding a vintage fire truck
  • the huge jukebox playing Roky Erickson's Burn the Flames during the burn
  • human "horses" in bondage gear pulling the bride's carriage for the zombie wedding
  • fire
  • good times with good friends

Moral of the Story

  • I truly hope when distant future generations look back on us in this severely fucked up time of ours, that they consider things like Flipside and realize that we could sometimes be interesting and creative and get along with each other, and that there were some of us who didn't spend all their time trying to steal money from someone else.
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Smartphone Haikus

phone of the future
consolodating my life
god of my data
multifunction joy
wireless world is mine
hope tumor not come
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