Lost in Austin

Lost in Austin
A drunken rampage punctuated by profound insanity
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Illinois in the nineties

Illinois in the nineties
A study in corn and flatness, and those who dwell there
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Shower Caddy Haikus

the shower caddy
true yuppie accessory
not bohemian
my shower caddy
keeps my soap from eroding
but it's so ugly
new bane of my life
shower caddy delima
my innocence lost
nut cracking dope fiend
without a shower caddy
seven dollars lost
protector of soap
representative of kitsch
my soap and scrub brush
now near loofa and shampoo
brings calm in shower
September 18, 2002
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in the lobby i now wait

	in the lobby i now wait
	my mind in a futile state
	i listen to a string quartet
	liquor in my stomach sets.
	an ambassador of france
	who directs a formal stance
	from many a worldly man
	and some with an iron hand
	[here i sit and contemplate
	 meanings of the number eight]
	there two black clad women are
	before they will find a car
	a man with gloves of white says
	"here is where the action is"
	his picture they will now take
	a mem'ry for them he makes.
	now comes the ambassador
	with ambiance his voice soars
	to every ear near the stand
	"i'm going to disneyland"	
July 21, 1991

Notes: from an experience in Bangkok, Thailand

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The Smile of a Wizard

	hiding behind old curtains
	peering out the large window
	a young boy, one misty morning,
	views sights of secret joy
	bare feet on cold marble
	hands rubbing eyes, a yawn
	he sees grandfather in the garden
	long white beard, flowing blue robes
	peaceful stillness and fog
	living in a separate world
	grandfather with a wooden basket
	of intricate, delicate carving
	gemstones large and small
	showing many wonderful colours
	in this worn, loved basket
	carried through a wizard's garden.
	the wizard bends down
	with gardener's tools as
	an early morning chill
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the partition of an end

	the partition of an end
	allows the dragon to see
	what the flowers do hide
	behind a river of black
	with thorns on one side
	microbes longing to be

	in step with every trend
	i wear a gold tie tack
May 1991
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in a field of deep green

	in a field of deep green
	with a sky of remarkable hue
	the man in earth tones is seen
	his deep set eyes are blue

	those eyes surveyed the world
	with deep interest and intent
	many mysteries yet unfurled
	and false knowledge he is sent

	staring into the bleak distance
	wondering at some lost meaning
	analyzing life's every instance
	dissecting how society is leaning

	he lifted his arms spread wide
	overwhelmed and asking why
	questioning how we lived and died
	not knowing but wanting to try

	as a subtle reply or answer
	his world then slowly opens
	the sky falls to a dark cancer	
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my liberty is but a dream

with Andrew Peters
	my liberty is but a dream
	my soul doth writhe within my chest
	i down six more amphetamines
	my mind transcends from plane to crest

	quantities of apes i see
	laughing at the steps i take
	like a twisted parody
	they whirl as eddies in my wake

	the for bear walls of a cell
	the harsh illusion that will confine
	a consciousness which i sell
	to the enslaver of my mind

	my stamina is sapped away
	by the visions before rigid eyes
	of caviar upon a tray
	but this will not redemption buy

	i come before a sapphire pool
	and hope again within me grows
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smoothness lost

	cold, white
	smoothness lost
	to a thousand
	blades of steel
	crossing, gauging, circling
	slivers thrown up
	by sliding feet
	the surface marred
	magic gone

	 melted ice):
	heated, channeled, sprayed
	on the scarred ice
	by a machine
	with slow ovals
	unity restored

	i am
	the Zamboni driver
February 24, 1992
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She Said Actually

for Julie Anne
	We met one place in time
	Meditating in a playground 

	  Children's clarity of vision
	  Showing the truth in Soul
	  And the strength in Love

	We met during summer
	Reading a seagull's journey

	   Souls dancing together here
	   Loving, discussing, teaching
	   Complementing each other

	We met during winter
	While learning and growing

	  Souls loving, words difficult
	  ``Come fly with me?'' I asked
	  She said, ``Actually...''
January 24, 1997
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