The Smile of a Wizard

	hiding behind old curtains
	peering out the large window
	a young boy, one misty morning,
	views sights of secret joy
	bare feet on cold marble
	hands rubbing eyes, a yawn
	he sees grandfather in the garden
	long white beard, flowing blue robes
	peaceful stillness and fog
	living in a separate world
	grandfather with a wooden basket
	of intricate, delicate carving
	gemstones large and small
	showing many wonderful colours
	in this worn, loved basket
	carried through a wizard's garden.
	the wizard bends down
	with gardener's tools as
	an early morning chill
	creeps past the hiding boy
	planting large stones
	gently covering them with Earth
	small ones sprinkled in
	so that they all may grow
	deliberate, graceful work
	that of planting gemstones.
	in a wizard's garden
	all has place and purpose
	the wizard turns to look
	sees a small face in curtains
	a gentle smile from grandfather
	who, long ago, was a boy.
	mother coming down stairs
	``come back to bed son,
	it is not yet time to get up.''
	he returns to bed, knowing
	cannot sleep now
	amazement and thrill
	eyes closed, still awake
	the smile of a child with a secret
April 18-21, 1996 (June 19, 1996)
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