in the lobby i now wait

	in the lobby i now wait
	my mind in a futile state
	i listen to a string quartet
	liquor in my stomach sets.
	an ambassador of france
	who directs a formal stance
	from many a worldly man
	and some with an iron hand
	[here i sit and contemplate
	 meanings of the number eight]
	there two black clad women are
	before they will find a car
	a man with gloves of white says
	"here is where the action is"
	his picture they will now take
	a mem'ry for them he makes.
	now comes the ambassador
	with ambiance his voice soars
	to every ear near the stand
	"i'm going to disneyland"	
July 21, 1991

Notes: from an experience in Bangkok, Thailand

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