my liberty is but a dream

with Andrew Peters
	my liberty is but a dream
	my soul doth writhe within my chest
	i down six more amphetamines
	my mind transcends from plane to crest

	quantities of apes i see
	laughing at the steps i take
	like a twisted parody
	they whirl as eddies in my wake

	the for bear walls of a cell
	the harsh illusion that will confine
	a consciousness which i sell
	to the enslaver of my mind

	my stamina is sapped away
	by the visions before rigid eyes
	of caviar upon a tray
	but this will not redemption buy

	i come before a sapphire pool
	and hope again within me grows
	approaching is my precious jewel
	she who from the heavens flows

	the haze collects around my feet
	only my jewel to consume
	my memories of her so sweet
	now nothing but an empty tomb

	a distant flame stands alone
	within my eyes its color of despair
	upon my distant past its glow
	that there were those who forgot to care

	the time of my dissent is near
	i no longer fight to be free
	time is past for petty fear
	my soul born on the lethal sea

	tell me master, is it so
	that pretty horror is all a lie
	my empathy not as low
	as the picture before my eyes

	i look inside the Frigidaire
	and discover beings unknown
	do i touch them do i dare
	i cannot pick up the yellow phone

	a courtesy call i do await
	yet prohibited by strange taboo
	a package by third class freight
	with twenty-three issues of G.Q.

	oh the perils of touch-tone
	stamping out my freedom still
	above me drips an ice cream cone
	the laughing dentist begins to drill

	from within the apature wide
	issues the fruit of evil spawn
	down the white slopes i slide
	queen's bishop four to rook's pawn

	chess no longer a challenge offers
	so we must teach computers go
	i pull from out my silver coffers
	scrolls we acquired years ago

	ah, no matter the path i take
	my soul resends with silent plea
	so if i live when i wake
	my dream is but a liberty
March 1991
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