dearest cari

	dearest cari, the spite of fate
	be thou marry and free from hate
	faintest flow'r, thy eyes are bright
	in the shower of your warm light
	quiet beauty, so soft your voice
	e'er so sultry--thy form is choice

	dearest cari, so full of joy
	be not wary--with life do toy
	pretty siren, oh sing thy call
	life not barren when you stand tall
	lovely sparrow, thy wings may hold
	in your marrow the tale i told

	dearest cari, the spark of life
	like a fairy--the bane of strife
	flowing river, thy face is clear
	thou are silver--i wish you near
	a shining moon, thou art aglow
	be here soon and you will grow
February 9, 1991 (April 4, 1992)
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