A Dragon of Many Parts

for Julie Anne
	walking through mountains
	on worn sandals, weathered feet
	stopping near a clearing
	for breath and drink

	he saw a dragon there
	of green and blue and gold
	a small footless One
	singing, playing in the sun

	    she could not walk
	    yet loved Earth the same
	    lying on her tired back
	    viewing Time upside down

	he saw Soul exposed in play
	of one old still growing
	blinked a tear stained eye
	wondered what dreams a dragon dreamt

	    she could fly with wings
	    of beauty and strength and grace
	    soaring through Spirit's sky
	    almost afraid to land

	he stood to resume his walk
	spoke to mountains around
	this footless dragon in time
	would grow feet, learn to walk

	he smiled
	it is not every day that one sees a dragon
January 31, February 12, 1996
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